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Our Method

We do not create games, we create learning and development experiences focused on generating results for our clients.

We use game design techniques because that's the best way to get your team motivated, higher motivation equals better results for our trainings

it's not about "fun" or "playful" it's all about achieving success

Our experiences are designed with your needs in the forefront, there are not "one size fits all", even with our Spark Trainings we will always review and adapt to fit your team needs and day to day.

But the experience is only the beginning, we create lasting impact, reducing the need for constant retraining because of our unique method.

4 - level method

 Level 1 - The Investigation 
Understanding the gap of performance on the team and defining indicators of success. Here we develop an Behavior and motivation Profile of your team/company. 

 Level 2 - The Experience 
Based on level 1 info we create (or review and adapt) an experience catered to your needs, gaps and profiles. We create a safe space to teach and develop the skills you need in a way that really sticks.

 Level 3 - The Reality 
How the experience transfers to the REAL world? Our Experiences always allow for facilitated time for post analysis, review and evaluation so that everyone will come away with a reflection on their practice or personal development and how to apply the learnings on your real work.

 Level 4 - The SIE 
Systems for Intrinsic Engagement, after the experience we develop SIE based on the other levels to keep the motivation and momentum of your team going, making a lasting impact on the day to day of the company.

why you need
a spark?

We are the only company that brings the combination of results driven approach on consulting with the engagement techniques on game design to corporate training.

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Founded by Dionísio Raony, trainer and consultant with over 15 years experience creating impactful learning experiences over 9 countries, and Tomás Queiroz, Game designer with over 10 years experience in the gaming industry working with the biggest gaming names designing meaningful experiences, we are revolutionizing what's the definition of corporate training.

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